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More Details Trickle Out About the Urban Grape’s South End Move

The people look funny because you've been drinking!
The people look funny because you’ve been drinking! Photo: all heart pr

Chestnut Hill’s Urban Grape wine shop will truly go urban this fall, opening a new branch in the South End in September. We have some intoxicating details about their plans, which include a strict motto: “No wine snobs!” Sounds good to us.

Here you’ll find 800-plus wines organized by weight and personalized customer palate profiles, so you never have to go home with something that tastes unsavory. The Urban Grape uses an EnoRound Elite Tasting Machine, which lets you try 16 different types of wine until you find your chosen bottle. Urban Grape also has a Progressive Shelving system, so after securing a profile, you can shop in a predetermined section of the store. No need to wander around picking up and blankly staring at potential bottles, wondering what lies within!

They’ll also have a much larger selection of beer and sake than at the Newton store. Expect 400 beers (many local and regional selections), plus 60 sakes culled by O Ya’s sake sommelier, Nancy Cushman.

Their address will be 303 Columbus Ave. We’ll keep you posted as the big day draws near.

More Details Trickle Out About the Urban Grape’s South End Move