Second Street Suffers a Double Bummer [UPDATED]

No longer chillin' in the O.C.
No longer chillin’ in the O.C. Photo: 32 Degrees

Thirty-Two Degrees, the “luxe lounge” that proved that there are people in Philly who will blow scads of money for VIP treatment and bottle service, provided that it makes them look cool, is closed after more than ten years of holding it down on the bustling Second Street stretch of Old City. It’s also arguably the place that transformed the neighborhood from a safe haven for beardos and hipsters to its current state of being the number one place where you’re likely to get punched out by some reality TV reject with a fake tan, but we digress. Dan Gross reports that owners Barry Gutin and Larry Cohen, who also own Cuba Libre and Square Peg among other ventures, decided not to renew the building’s lease, and closed up shop for good after service ended Saturday night.

Also closed is downstairs neighbor and longtime O.C. fixture Nick’s Roast Beef, which was serving beers and bar grub back when Rib-It still ruled the Second Street roost. It’s been sold, and is currently undergoing renovations. There’s no word yet on what will replace either spot. But we’ll try to keep you posted.

UPDATE: The good folks over at Foobooz pointed out that longtime Nick’s bartender, shorts aficionado and resident longhair Joe Schultice (a.k.a. Joe Dog) is taking over the business. Details are few and far between, but whatever the concept is Schultice comes up, it’s a given that bottle service won’t be a part of it. [Foobooz]

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Second Street Suffers a Double Bummer [UPDATED]