Trigger Reopens Just for Pride, Will Close Again

It appears that Trigger owner Greg Bronstein paid off whatever was necessary to get the bar out of court-appointed receivership earlier this week, and the bar reopened last night just in time to eek some gay dollars out of Pride weekend. You can see the party details here, which include a “Pretty in Pink”-themed eighties party tonight, and a Pink Saturday party tomorrow.

The liquor license has been sold and is still in the process of being transferred out of the neighborhood, so it’s only a matter of weeks before the bar will have to close for good, but it appears Bronstein could not let one last Pink Saturday opportunity go by — the neighborhood will be packed with partyers for the annual prelude to the parade, and there won’t be enough bars to serve them all, so this may have been a smart choice.

Also, this means there may be an official goodbye to Trigger in the works as well.

Trigger - 2344 Market Street between Castro and Noe

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Trigger Reopens Just for Pride, Will Close Again