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Tonkotsu Rush: Three More Ramen Shops Set to Open

Ramen at Momofuku.
Ramen at Momofuku. Photo: Melissa Hom

In addition to that rumored Carroll Gardens ramen and sake bar setting up shop in the former home of Chestnut, it certainly seems like we’re in the midst of another ramen boomlet, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Great Tonkotsu Rush of 2010. First up is an update on the second location of Totto Ramen. Said to be opening this summer, the second coming of noodles will be at 464 West 51st Street near Tenth Avenue, pretty much a block away from its original location. That should help with the line.

Nearby, a second location for the Burmese-inflected Tabata Noodle will open a little closer to Times Square, at 557 Eighth Avenue near West 39th Street. The Port Authority–area original specializes in a cheap and hearty tan tan men and a more unusual coconut-based ramen broth, so it’ll be interesting if the new Tabata, rumored to be in a larger space, will expand its menu.

Finally, in Williamsburg, it seems like the long-in-the-works Yebisu Ramen will open at the end of June at 126 North 6th, near Berry Street. The new restaurant’s kitchen team apparently killed it during a ramen showdown held as part of the Japan Block Fair a few weeks ago. Over the weekend, the knowledgeable and trustworthy eater, Phileas Fogg–esque Marvel Comics talent scout C.B. Cebulski saw and sampled the Yebisu crew’s Smorgasburg test-run ramen, calling it “easily my favorite Smorgasburg snack.” Given the on-site competition, that’s saying a lot. Looks like we’re in for a few more noodles.

Smorgasburg, June 2, 2012 [Eataku]
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Tonkotsu Rush: Three More Ramen Shops Set to Open