Let Them Eat Foie

The Royce Plans 30 Courses of Foie, June 28-30

David Feau
David Feau Photo: The Royce

David Feau, The Royce at The Langham’s D’Artagnan companion who rallied for foie gras at Melisse’s C.H.E.F.S. benefit, is planning a massive foie feast of his own. From June 28 to 30, Feau will offer guests 30 courses of foie gras over three days, planning on combining the unlawful liver with a blunt laundry list of different ingredients, 25 of which we have below (Feau is keeping the other five under wraps as a “surprise” for his chef’s table).

Dishes may include seared foie with torched leek ash and rhubarb gelee, pan-seared foie gras served with Maine lobster tail, foie with pig’s feet, barbecue and foie, and foie gras carpaccio, among the many permutations. Each dish will be offered a la carte over these three days at a cost of $20 each, with a minimum of three dishes required per order. Take a look at what’s brewing below, as David Feau prepares to send foie packing with a proper bon voyage.

The Royce at The Langham
“30 Ways in Three Days”
June 28-30


Foie Gras I Buckwheat

Foie Gras I Chocolate

Foie Gras I Tarragon

Foie Gras I Olive

Foie Gras I Ravioli

Foie Gras I Pigeon

Foie Gras I Rhubarb

Foie Gras I Rossini

Foie Gras I Garlic Sausage

Foie Gras I Lobster

Foie Gras I Port

Foie Gras I Huckleberry

Foie Gras I Artichoke

Foie Gras I Barbecue

Foie Gras I Spinach

Foie Gras I Carpaccio

Foie Gras I Strawberry

Foie Gras I Barley

Foie Gras I Porcini

Foie Gras I Apricot I Verveine

Foie Gras I Butter Lettuce

Foie Gras I Armagnac

Foie Gras I Black Sesame - Cherries

Foie Gras I Croque en bouche

Foie Gras I Pig feet

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The Royce Plans 30 Courses of Foie, June 28-30