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The Oinkster Launches Burger Week, Complete With Pig Candy Burger ‘Zine

The Oinkster's daily specials for
The Oinkster’s daily specials for “Burger Week” Photo: The Oinkster

Just when you thought you could turn your attention to foie gras tasting menus, Eagle Rock’s The Oinkster lets us know that it’s reprising its burger week festivities for the second year, starting this Monday, June 4. Each of the seven days to come will feature its own burger, beginning with “Red Castle” sliders and ending on June 10 with a double-decker take on McDonald’s called The Big Max (as in manager Guerrero, son of owner-chef Andre). As part of the celebration, The Oinkster will let head-banging burger bros, Grill ‘Em All, take over operations on Thursday, while a “Burger Challenge” will award anyone who orders all seven burgers with a T-shirt mocking up Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures cover, designed for the event, which better come in extra large.

This Monday will also find The Oinkster releasing its second edition of Pig Candy, a full-color ‘zine featuring artwork by the likes of Sage Vaughn, Paul Frank, and Hot Knives, among others. So look out, Lucky Peach!

Look below to see the full list of The Oinkster’s burger week daily specials, each one of which comes with its own commemorative pin. June 4 through 10 at The Oinkster, 2005 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock.

The Oinkster Burger Week

Monday: Red Castle Sliders (White Castle Sliders)

Tuesday: 2 x 4 Piggy Style optional (Double Double)

Wednesday: Northeast Bacon Cheeseburger (Bacon Western Cheeseburger)

Thursday: Grill Em’ All Takeover

Friday: Sourdough Josh (Sourdough Jack)

Saturday: Pork Adobo Burger

Sunday: The Big Max

The Oinkster Launches Burger Week, Complete With Pig Candy Burger ‘Zine