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Taylor Swift Serves Cold Shoulder to John Mayer at Tower Bar; Clooney’s Spago Visit Sparks Breakup Rumors

Kickin' 'em to the curb
Kickin’ ‘em to the curb Photo: Live and Let Die

In another week of star-crossed lovers and soul mates spotted eating around our restaurants, Miley Cyrus celebrated her engagement at Hugo’s and George Clooney had a meal at Spago sans Stacey Kiebler, immediately interpreted as inarguable proof that the two were no longer bumping uglies and had parted ways. But it was Taylor Swift whose broken heart burned brightest, as the young country singer loudly demanded a seat change at Tower Bar on Tuesday the second she caught wind that her former flame, John Mayer, was honing in on her table. In all fairness, we’d do the same if a dude looking like this got anywhere near our dinner. In any case, onlookers said the usually discreet scene here turned into “major drama.” Where else were celebs eating together and sitting far apart in L.A. this week? Take a look.

Casa Vega: Omar Epps and Vivica Fox both ate here this week on separate nights. [GS]

Hugo’s: Miley Cyrus celebrated her engagement over dinner. [Contact Music]

Locanda del Lago: True Blood’s parents-to-be, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, had an early dinner with his ten-year-old daughter. [GS]

Napa Valley Grille: Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg refrained from eating people at an after-party for That’s My Boy on Monday, munching on ahi and bbq glazed ribs instead. Also, Vanilla Ice was there! [GS]

Rocksugar: (Alleged) Whippit fiend Demi Moore was “extremely friendly” over dinner on Sunday. [GS]

Spago: George Clooney was eating at Puck’s place while his girl was at Bar Marmont, fueling break-up rumors because they are supposed to be together at all times. [Entertainment Wise]

Tower Bar: Taylor Swift let John Mayer have it! Hollywood Life]

Wolfgang Puck at Bel-Air: Christina Aguilera and her dude ate dinner on Saturday night and dipped into a little caviar, we’re told. [GS]

Taylor Swift Serves Cold Shoulder to John Mayer at Tower Bar; Clooney’s Spago