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Burritos Finally Being Marketed Directly to Stoners

It's a stoner burrito revolution!
It’s a stoner burrito revolution! Photo: Loud Mouth

Dude: Doritos tacos and hot-dog-stuffed pizza crusts are not acts of creative culinary genius. They’re food for people who have the munchies, marketed by companies that are too conservative to just come right out and say so. (“Fourthmeal” may as well just not exist for sober people.) So we’ve got to hand it to MTV’s Rob Dyrdek, whose new line of Loud Mouth Burritos are explicitly designed for people who like to get stoned.

These burritos (available at a convenience store near you!) only have 420 calories. Also, they come in combinations that only a stoner could love: The Cheeseburger burrito is stuffed with hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup, and mustard. The Pepperoni Pizza burrito is packed with classic burrito fixin’s like mozzarella, pepperoni, and tomato sauce.

We’re sure that it’d be more to the point to simply sell a frozen pizza or a frozen cheeseburger, but that lacks a certain magic. The genius move is stuffing all that shit inside a burrito. In fact, Dyrdek claims that his burrito line will “revolutionize the age-old eating experience by combining Mexicana and Americana flavors under the roof of a tortilla.”

Totally. Just pass it right over here, bro.

Rob Dyrdek…I’m Selling Burritos Now…For Potheads [TMZ]

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Burritos Finally Being Marketed Directly to Stoners