Sneaky’s BBQ Moving Out of Rebel, Heading to the Mission

The korobuta pork belly at Sneaky's
The korobuta pork belly at Sneaky’s Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

It’s the end of the road for the symbiotic relationship between Sneaky’s BBQ and Rebel, the gay bar at Market and Octavia. Sneaky’s owner Ben Thorne tells Grub Street that he’ll be relocating the successful barbecue business to a more permanent home on the 24th Street corridor in the Mission sometime in the early fall, possibly by late September. July 15th will be Sneaky’s last day at Rebel, and after that, Rebel will be open for caterers to use and potentially for some other pop-ups as well, but that’s still up in the air.

Sneaky’s, as you may know, makes some delicious smoked korobuta pork belly that Jonathan Kauffman once described as “coal-black and smoke-dense.” Also, they make this thing called the Date Night that we’ve always loved, which is kind of like barbecue poutine with rooster sauce and beans in place of the gravy.

Look for Sneaky’s to go back to their delivery and catering model for a couple of months while they transition to the as-yet-unidentified new space. You can keep up with them at their blog, or via Twitter.

Stay tuned for updates about what will be happening at Rebel, food-wise, in the coming weeks.

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Sneaky’s BBQ Moving Out of Rebel, Heading to the Mission