Smoke & Mirrors’ Exit To Plunge The Standard Into An ‘Age of Darkness’

Paul Sevigny
Paul Sevigny Photo: Patrick McMullan

Gary Baum drops a doozy in today’s Hollywood Reporter, detailing new barbs in the break-up between The Standard Hotel and Smoke & Mirrors, that jet-setter hot-spot that was, until recently. hosted here. S&M; bailed The Standard earlier this month, opting instead to occupy the Hollywood space once used for Paul & Andre, last summer’s pop-up phenom operated by the same principals behind S&M;, Paul Sevigny and Armin Amiri. While earlier scuttlebutt had it that The Standard was over its relationship with S&M; following a Lindsay Lohan spazz-out and a DUI for Amanda Bynes (even more objectionable in its treatment of child stars, we hear they outright ignored Urkel), Sevigny and Amiri are now saying it was their decision to flee, accusing the property of leaking details on the celebrity clientele, among other injustices.

“Every time Lindsay Lohan was in the parking garage, the press found out,” Sevigny tells Baum, ruling out the possibility that the media simply followed the wafting scent of whorish perfume and Grey Goose vodka.

While the Sunset Strip Hotel says it’s planning a new bar program with Darryl Gibson from Andre Balazs’ nearby Chateau Marmont, Amiri points out that it basically sucks to be The Standard now, saying, “The crowd that they were finally getting here was gorgeous. They will be sent back to the age of darkness.” Sounds like someone’s been watching too much Game of Thrones.

Ouch! Smoke & Mirrors’ Ugly Split From The Standard Hotel (Exclusive) [THR]

Smoke & Mirrors’ Exit To Plunge The Standard Into An ‘Age of Darkness’