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SF Weekly Has a New Critic: Anna Roth

This is her.
This is her. Photo: via Amazon

Just over two months after Jonathan Kauffman took his leave at SF Weekly, they have announced his replacement. Her name is Anna Roth, and she’s the author of a book on road food called West Coast Road Eats (2011). Roth will be able to be pretty anonymous in these parts given that she’s been living in Los Angeles for a while and is originally from Seattle, but she’s semi-familiar with terrain from many visits to the Bay Area. But, since she’s written a book, there is at least one photo of her out there, from the book’s jacket. Update: See a better one below.

Roth has also written for Citysearch and eHow Food, and this is her Tumblr.

Regarding her love for San Francisco, in the announcement, Roth writes, “Every time I’m in town, which is once every few months, I feel like I’m home and don’t want to leave. I love the community and sense of inclusion and grungy edges and history … and of course the food.”

Look for her reviews to start appearing in the paper and online in July.

Update: Actually, there’s another photo of her… from a blogger conference, easily Google-able.

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SF Weekly Has a New Critic: Anna Roth