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Rittenhouse Tavern Taps ‘Johnny Cask’ For Its First Firkin Friday

Rittenhouse Tavern's garden.
Rittenhouse Tavern’s garden. Photo: Rittenhouse Tavern

A while back we mentioned that Rittenhouse Tavern would soon be hosting Firkin Fridays, a sudsy frolic in the gorgeous garden behind the restaurant with cask-conditioned ales. We now have word that this Friday, June 15 will be the first of those al fresco fetes. And fortunately for Philly’s thirsty masses, the forecast looks like sun and agreeable temps. For the inaugural firkin fest, the Tavern is rolling out a barrel of Dogfish Head’s elusive “Johnny Cask,” its 75-minute IPA, and tapping it at 4 p.m. sharp. Until it kicks, they will offer pours of the brew for $5, and Chef Nick Elmi will have a special $6 charcuterie plate to go with it. With the beer and cured meats, a happy hour menu will also be available. Keep reading to check it out.

the RT bellini 5.
peach purée & prosecco
tavern lemonade 5.
house made lemonade, don q rum, fresh mint
simply dolin 5.

dolin de chambéry blanc, soda & strawberry

twin lakes greenville pale ale, de 4.
philadelphia brewing co. kenzinger ale, pa 3.
goose island summertime kolsch, il 4.
yuengling lager, pa 3.
stoudts pils, pa 4.
crispin brut hard apple cider, mn 4.

white bean toast 8.

speck, oven dried tomato, arugula
pickled baby vegetables 6.

green goddess emulsion
deviled eggs with pork scrapple 7.
portobello fries 9.

ponzu vinaigrette
cold pressed foie gras 11.

toast, pickle, jam
crispy frog legs 9.
cress, finger pepper, philadelphia cream cheese

Rittenhouse Tavern Taps ‘Johnny Cask’ For Its First Firkin Friday