High Cotton, Lali’s, and Picnic Bakery Coming to Red Vic Space

The former Red Vic.
The former Red Vic. Photo: ILuvHaight

Plans are coming into clearer focus up at the former Red Vic movie house (1727 Haight Street), where first and foremost, as we knew, the popular Alembic next door will be getting about two times larger, breaking down a wall and expanding into the lobby. But we have an update via Tablehopper on three of the tenants for what’s now being called the Second Act Marketplace and Events space, which will utilize the rest of the theater and will comprise an auditorium along with multiple food stalls à la 331 Cortland. First off, there’s Lali’s, a La Cocina-supported business featuring Georgian cuisine (as in next to Russia) which sounds like it will be a cafe with a catering component. Then we have High Cotton, which will be selling “high-quality hot lunches and dinners to go.”

Next there’s Picnic Bakery, a vegan bakery that also specializes in gluten-free and low-sugar options. Read the story of proprietor Emily Haydel experimenting in the process of creating her Cassiopeia Chocolate Cake, and see an example of her “cheesecakes” here.

And lastly there’s RAW, which will be (what else?) a juice bar. It will also be (what else?) local and organic.

Stay tuned for further updates. The Red Vic team hopes to get the whole project open by the end of the year.

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High Cotton, Lali’s, and Picnic Bakery Coming to Red Vic Space