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Things We Didn’t Know We Needed: A Pizza Vending Machine

Italy's Snooki equivalent?
Italy’s Snooki equivalent?

Were you ever so famished after going through checkout at the supermarket that you just had to eat a hot pizza before you got home? Soon you will be able to do just that. A European company that makes pizza vending machines, which cook up ten-inch pizzas to your specifications in less than three minutes, is bringing the concept to our shores. Soon the company will install them in your nearest mall, gas station, and hospital. But is this a good thing?

The company alleges that the Let’s Pizza machines have been a “huge success … especially in Italy,” and that’s supposed to prove the pizza is good. It does start with freshly made (though unleavened) dough, so there’s that. Also, for the germaphobes, the pizza is made with “a guarantee of total hygiene.”

We’re pretty sure Italy has just as many underprivileged folks who don’t know a proper Neapolitan pie from Mama Celeste, so there’s that too. And here in the U.S., getting a hot pizza in two and a half minutes while sitting in a hospital or mall for $5.95 will probably mean big success too. Sigh.

See their English-overdubbed ad below, complete with old-timey Italian-restaurant soundtrack.

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Things We Didn’t Know We Needed: A Pizza Vending Machine