The Painted Burro: Now With Brunch

Things must be going well at the Painted Burro (and since it’s ear-splittingly packed every night of the week, we’re guessing things are just dandy). The PB team has announced that they’ll debut brunch service beginning June 24, strictly Sundays, strictly for people who aren’t afraid to consume meatloaf topped with fried eggs before noon.

Indeed, the menu offers such curiosities as Yucatan meatloaf topped with fried eggs, chipotle-chocolate chip pancakes, fried chicken ‘n waffles with tamarind butter and habanero syrup, or, if you’re feeling frisky, a Mexican “loco” dog topped with savoy cabbage and jalapeno slaw, chicharron, chipotle ketchup, agave mustard, charro beans, and queso’rito chips. Breakfast of champions! (Competitive eating champions.)

M3 and the Painted Burro slinging brunch on the block does take the sting out of Rosebud’s possible closure, that’s for sure.

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The Painted Burro: Now With Brunch