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Ohio Candy Thief Can’t Stop Stealing Peanut Butter Cups

Tastes better at night.
Tastes better at night. Photo: iStockphoto

First Aussie mayonnaise bandits, and now this: An Ohio man is on the loose after burgling hundreds of dollars’ worth of peanut butter cups, over and over again, from a Sunoco gas station convenience store.

According to employees, the criminal ritualistically visits the store around midnight, snatches Reese’s peanut butter cups, and flees before police arrive. (Of course, the logical thing to do would be to call police before midnight for surveillance purposes, but maybe it takes a certain naïveté to work the night shift at a gas-station convenience store.)

Most recently, the persistent pillager has expanded his repertoire to include salty treats like chips, which means that Ohioans should definitely lock up their chocolate-covered pretzels.

Candy Bandit Strikes Again [Morning Journal]
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Ohio Candy Thief Can’t Stop Stealing Peanut Butter Cups