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Chef Keeps Menu at $40K-Per-Plate Obama Fund-raiser a Secret

Best eaten alone.
Best eaten alone. Photo: YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama sweeps into Boston today and plans to dine at Hamersley’s Bistro, where a wealthy lucky few paid $40,000 per person to sup with him. Hamersley’s is a fairly neutral place known primarily for its roast chicken — hardly the type of establishment where one might be caught scarfing politicized foods like foie gras or shark fin soup. Logically, we wanted to know what was on the menu at such a price, so we rung up Chef Gordon Hamersley himself.

Would he serve the restaurant’s famous roast chicken? Would he avoid Cape Codder cocktails due to the political implications? (Massachusetts senators John Kerry and Scott Brown are lobbying hard to save cranberry juice from the wrath of Michelle Obama, who is targeting sugary drinks as part of her anti-obesity campaign.) So much mystery! So many questions!

Upsettingly, we’ll never know if Obama plans to go all out or refresh with fro-yo or what, because Chef Hamersley’s lips are sealed. “I have a very big day ahead, so I can’t really discuss this,” Hamersley told Grub Street before abruptly hanging up. Whatever’s on the menu, it better be healthy.

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Chef Keeps Menu at $40K-Per-Plate Obama Fund-raiser a Secret