100 Tarts, The Gage’s 5th Anniversary Menu, City Tavern Opens At LastThursday

The Gage.
The Gage.

100 Tarts in 100 Days! (Hey… get your minds out of the gutter, you rakish jackanapes.) That’s what Meg Galus, pastry chef at NoMI, plans to make in the next three months and change— a different tart every day, often named for things from pop culture, and all priced at $10 (plus ice cream for $3 more). And because, hey, she could run dry of ideas around day 73, you can also suggest both names and ingredients for these tarts, and enter to win the tart of the day plus wine for two in NoMI’s garden, by way of 312 Dining Diva; go here for more info.

• City Tavern, which was set to open Sunday, had some last-minute issues but is opening for real tonight. Nope, delayed again till Thursday. Hey, you waited since the 18th century for a tavern like this, what’s another two four days.

• The Gage celebrates its own 5th anniversary as a hot downtown spot with a five-course menu from June 28 to July 12. It will bring some of chef Dirk Flanigan’s most popular dishes, to be accompanied by beers chef Flanigan has brewed with both Half Acre and Goose Island. Despite being a “menu,” prices are a la carte but it adds up to about $70-80 for the five-course feast, plus drinks. Call (312) 372-4243 or visit for reservations.

100 Tarts, The Gage’s 5th Anniversary Menu, City Tavern Opens At