Mezze Spruces Up Its Bar and Cocktail Menu

Mezze's new bar
Mezze’s new bar

Mezze just put the finishing touches on a completely redesigned bar area, adding timber-topped surfaces and high-top tables in a freshly distinct space. Though the bar itself is spared a new surface, the adjacent lounge area area now boasts banquettes instead of couch seating, delineating this space from the dining room in a cozier, more comfortable look. Yesterday, the restaurant debuted this updated look, along with a newly launched cocktail menu that comes not from some mixologist-for-hire, but from the restaurant’s sous chef, Jonathan Whitener. Want to see the menu?

The new drinks arrive in a spectrum of influences, from Whitener’s “deli juice” with dill pickle, gin, mustard seed, and Serrano pepper, a Sumac 75 that adds Cocchi Americano, sumac, and pomegranate to the mix, and a Tiki-inspired Johnny’s Zombie, that builds on the U.S. classic with apricot liqueur and pineapple. The drinks, some of which employ the sous chef’s own house-made bitters, are designed to go with Micah Wexler’s bar menu of Syrian rebel fries with brisket and eggplant hush-puppies.


Sumac 75
Rose Champagne, Cocchi Americano, Pomegranate, Sumac

Grapefruit Serg - io
Vodka, St. Germain, Lemon, Grapefruit

The Wanderer
Tequila, Rosewater, Hibiscus Syrup, Sumac

Deli Juice
Gin, Dill Pickle, Serrano Pepper, Mustard Seed

Johnny’s Zombie
White & Dark Rum, Apricot Liquer, Pineapple, Citrus

Art of Choke
Bulleit Rye, Pimms Cup, Cynar, Pickled Artichoke

Not So Bloody Mary
Gin, Tomato Water, Smoked Celery Salt, Aleppo Pepper

Jam Fizz
Brandy Bergamot Jam, Egg White, Yellow Chartruse

Mezze Spruces Up Its Bar and Cocktail Menu