Lydia Shire Has Marbled, Meaty Secrets

In today’s Herald, blogger-chef-sasspot Lydia Shire shares her secrets for finding succulent cuts of meat. Those secrets include paying tons of money for finely marbled cuts at Omni, a fancy grocery store in Weston. Ask for Sal!

“Sal at the meat counter carries prime-prime. You simply would not believe the marbling there was in the four steaks I bought yesterday! Granted the meat costs $19.99 a pound, it was as close to Kobe or Wagyu that I have seen over the counter locally! Go see Sal… He will hook you up with 16 oz. steaks - a good inch-and-a-half thick - that are perfect for grilling.”

Yoo hoo, Sal? Do you moonlight at Market Basket?

Who Says By Lydia Shire [Herald]

Lydia Shire Has Marbled, Meaty Secrets