Let Them Eat Foie

Lazy Ox Says ‘Forget Foie’ With Two-Night Menu of Potential Alternatives

Huge Lazy Ox fan
Huge Lazy Ox fan Photo: Jim Bahn via Flickr

This week we learned exactly how much cruelty we can swallow after eating six courses of foie gras at Wilshire and getting 24 final tastes of foie. Apparently, Lazy Ox Canteen has had its fill, as well, as the kitchen is planning a “Forget Foie” fete, intended to “celebrate [their] apathy” with the foie gras issue, expressed through an a la carte menu running June 29 and 30 with dishes featuring conceivable alternatives to foie like beer-braised octopus served with similarly textured monkfish liver and a Lazy Ox burger layered with lamb’s liver. Check out the full lineup of what we’re going to call Lazy Ox’s “fuck-a-duck” menu down below.


Boca bits, yogurt, liver oil 7

Corn soup with whipped coconut cream and crispy pork liver 9

Huevo Andoni, chicken liver, French fried puree, chorizo oil 18

Braised Beer Octopus with Monkfish Liver, Tomato Confit, Moscatel Vinagreta 19

Crispy Rabbit Liver, Hearts of Palm, Dandelion and arugula avocado emulsion 16

Beef liver “a la plancha,” with roasted yams, radish, onion, tarragon emulsion 15

Lazy Ox Burger with lamb liver, cantal cheese, whole grain mustard 18

Braised short ribs, pesto, creamed mushrooms and crispy rabbit livers 27

Lazy Ox Says ‘Forget Foie’ With Two-Night Menu of Potential Alternatives