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Jonathan Gold Is All About the Music, Man

“J. Gold, rockin’ non-stop on the radio…” Photo: Food is the New Rock

Jonathan Gold gets a hearty reprieve from answering all your repetitive questions about Halal mutton and Chinese noodles to dish on his past-life as a musician and pop music critic with Zach Brooks and Chuck P of Food is the New Rock. This is the site’s first official podcast, available through iTunes and Soundcloud, during which Gold spills the beans about hanging out with N.W.A. and Death Row, getting mean-mugged by Suge Knight, and playing the “Boswell to Snoop Dogg’s Samuel Johnson,” as the critic explained in a letter accepting his invite to the radio in which he also warned “my knowledge of pop pretty much slammed shut in late ‘96.” So what does Gold have to say?

Gold, a trained cellist who spent his academic career writing “terrifically elegant string quartets,” drops a few glorious f-bombs detailing the days when he played avant-garde punk and writing about hip-hop and metal, as well as his feelings on The Lakers, K-DAY, Eazy-Mutherfuckin’-E (whose mom is apparently a Montessori teacher), Thai stick, Rene Redzepi, the decline of Metallica, eating at Junior’s with Dr. Dre, L.A.’s early eighties indie hip-hop scene, being embedded while Doggystyle was recorded, his ensuing “blood” feud with Death Row, what’s behind kiwi vinaigrette, and perpetually being introduced with the title “Pulitzer Prize-winning,” which could be a lot worse. Whew! Have a listen.


Jonathan Gold Is All About the Music, Man