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John Mayer Takes Hunger Games Star to Medieval Times; Lindsay Lohan Meets Porn Star at The Churchill

Who says I can't be throned?
Who says I can’t be throned? Photo: WDPG share via Flickr

A notoriously whorish singer-songwriter taking the star of a kid’s film to a family restaurant? Sounds pretty wrong. But Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence swears she has a boyfriend and is just “good friends” with John Mayer, whose sword is staying sheathed for now. But how about a notoriously troubled kiddie star bringing a bona fied ho to The Churchill? Aw shucks, just the same, they say. Yep, Lindsay Lohan swore that she’s just friends with James Deen, star of over 4,000 adult films, after she was spotted smoking with him in the midst of a meal with Brett Easton Ellis. In other celeb watching news this week, Guy Fieri visited Dan Tana’s, Steve Carrell may have ordered pizzas to your house, and Langer’s remembered the late, great Nora Ephron. Take a look in today’s Celebrity Settings.

Boa: Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 28th birthday at the Hollywood steakhouse last night. We weren’t invited, sob… [Daily Mail UK]

The Churchill: Lindsay Lohan and her The Canyons co-star, porn thespian James Deen, had dinner with Brett Easton Ellis. Did anyone order Coke? [X17]

Dan Tana’s: Guy Fieri showed up for dinner, sans cameras. [Patch]

Langer’s: The delicatessen gave a shout out to Nora Ephron this week. [Langers]

Medieval Times: Jon Mayer took out Jennifer Lawrence of the Hunger Games. The games have already begun… [NY Daily News]

North Hollywood: Steve Carrell is suspected of taking over a yet-to-be-identified pizza parlor in this stretch of the city. [Patch]

The Six: Mayor Tony Villaraigosa came to dinner this week and posed for photos with the staff. [Eater]

John Mayer Takes Hunger Games Star to Medieval Times; Lindsay Lohan Meets