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Jim’s Steaks Busted For Selling Dope… Again!

“Um, you want some coke with this?” Photo: uwishunu

Once again the folks behind the glass at Jim’s Steak’s have been caught pedaling a lot more than chopped rib-eye and Cheez Whiz. Yesterday, police raided the South Street cheesesteak institution, and arrested one its cooks on a drug warrant, the Daily News reports. They also seized coke, weed, Xanax, Percocet and a whole lot of cash. It’s the second time since last August that the cheesesteak joint’s been popped for selling dope.

Last summer, Jim’s manager Andre McMillian was apprehended while on the job, after a lengthy investigation uncovered an alleged drug ring operating out of the shop. All told, this is the fourth drug bust tied to Jim’s since deceased owner William Proetto was nabbed with coke, weed, Valium, and Halcion back in 1990, and again for possession in 2007. So how is it that city hasn’t stepped in to shut Jim’s down by now? The mind reels.

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Jim’s Steaks Busted For Selling Dope… Again!