Go Behind the Scenes of Jason Vincent’s Grand Cochon Win

If you tried Jason Vincent’s platter of heritage pork at the Chicago Cochon 555, you had the dishes that would ultimately triumph and win him the title of King of Porc— “It’s not like we had recipes, we just made it all again. If it turned a little differently, oh well,” the Nightwood chef says. Actually, you had more than they had in Aspen— he had to nix the do-it-yourself pulled pork, which he had deep-fried in Nightwood’s kitchen before bringing it to The Four Seasons to finish. “It was just too much to go into somebody else’s kitchen that’s all cordoned off for competition and try to deep fry a whole pork shoulder,” he says. As he stood on stage at the end, newly bearing his crown as King of Porc 2012, Cochon 555 organizer Brady Lowe asked him about what he thought about defending his crown next year. “Dude, I’m judging next year,” Vincent said. “I don’t need to compete ever again.” Our man Huge Galdones was on the scene in Aspen throughout the cooking and the judging; watch his slideshow below.

“I wanted to be king… I wanted to be porc… I wanted to be King of Porc!”
Marc Forgione offering a tea break.
Jennifer Carroll, of Top Chef fame, assists Jamie Bissonette of Boston’s Coppa.
Michelle Bernstein of Miami’s Michy’s and Berenice Araujo.
There was a tough panel of judges consisting of chefs, press, media, and producers. Judges seen here include Claudine Pepin (peeking on top left), Andrew Zimmern and Jenn Louis (Best New Chef, 2012).
Jason Vincent and crew plate for the 20 judges. The judges’ vote counts for 49%, the audience for 51%.
Sean Brock of Charleston’s celebrated Husk was another judge. Photo: Eugene (Huge) Galdones/? 2012 Galdones Photography LLC
Vincent talks through his dishes with celebrity Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini.
Bacon doughnut, ginger blood pudding in bone marrow dish, and other parts of Vincent’s feast. Photo: Eugene (Huge) Galdones/? 2012 Galdones Photography LLC
Past winners David Varley (2010, Michael Mina Group) and Duskie Estes (2011, Zazu) prepare to crown the winner.
Long live the king.
Stiff competition! (Ben Ford, Jamie Bissonnette, Jason Vincent, Michelle Bernstein, Marc Forgione, Duskie Estes (Queen of Porc 2011), David Varley (King of Porc 2010), Kelly English, Namoi Pomeroy, Lars Kronmark, and Scott Drewno. Photo: Eugene (Huge) Galdones/? 2012 Galdones Photography LLC
The King of Porc and the princess. Happy father’s day, your majesty.
Go Behind the Scenes of Jason Vincent’s Grand Cochon Win