Jablow’s Meats Seeks Summer Pop-Up Host, Eventual Permanent Home

Photo: Courtesy of Jablow’s Meats

As SF Foodie reports this morning, Dan Jablow, owner of the mouth-watering pop-up Jablow’s Meats, which serves up one-of-a-kind pastrami sandwiches, is currently on the hunt for a permanent brick and mortar space. Meanwhile, Jablow is also looking for new pop-up hosts with an available Friday lunch throughout the summer.

Jablow had been popping up at The Window and DaDa throughout the spring, and he tells SF Foodie that his experience at The Window has been a fruitful one. On the other hand, his pop ups at DaDa were unpredictable due to limited supplies at the bar, which led to “an erratic volume of customers and a similarly limited menu.” Jablow says the pop-up experience has been great, allowing him “to jump from banking to the restaurant business to establishing his own meat company in a way that was largely risk free.”

We wish Jablow luck finding a space to call his own, which would enable many more lucky souls to get a daily fix of pastrami that “spends a week in brine, hours in the smoker, hours in the oven before it is sliced and dressed in his secret mustard sauce.” Yum!

San Francisco’s Favorite Pastrami Sandwich is Looking for a Home [SF Foodie]

Jablow’s Meats Seeks Summer Pop-Up Host, Eventual Permanent Home