Honeygrow Opens Tomorrow; Gives Away the House Today

Honeygrow's Indonesian BBQ stir-fry
Honeygrow’s Indonesian BBQ stir-fry Photo: Courtesy Honeygrow

Should the lines at just opened Shake Shack prove too long for your lunch hour — we’re hearing they have the wait time down to about 20 minutes — we have a hot lunchtime tip for you that will save you some time and money. Honeygrow, the state-of-the-art salads and stir fry spot, which was supposed to open today in the former home of Pita Pit at 16th and Sansom streets, is giving away the house today from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

A rep for owner Justin Rosenberg told Grub this morning that Honeygrow will officially open tomorrow, but while staff training goes full court press today, the crew will be dishing up countless salads, stir-fries and delicious, fresh-squeezed drinks that someone’s going to have to gobble up. “It’s been a long journey to this point and I’m psyched to introduce our food free of charge,” Rosenberg added in a canned quote, which is something you’ll likely never hear another restaurateur say ever again. Get in there while the gettin’s still good.

Honeygrow, 1601 Sansom Street, (215) 279-7724

Honeygrow Opens Tomorrow; Gives Away the House Today