Old-Timey Granary Tavern Soft Opens Today

Spend your Benjamins here.
Spend your Benjamins here. Photo: iStockphoto

Our chums at Urban Daddy have it that Granary Tavern soft opens tonight. (The same team will also open a Mad Mennish place called Sterling’s at Faneuil Hall soon.) This one is on the Greenway and features lots of things that harken back to America’s colonial past, like beer-infused fondue.

Cocktails in mason jars, the requisite bar made from reclaimed wood, and the non-requisite fondue made with Harpoon conspire to make this resto-bar housed in an 18th-century granary the hottest opening of an already hot week. (Fortunately, windows open onto the Greenway, affording you a gentle breeze and the chance to gawk at sweaty commuters traipsing by.) Downstairs is a “Colonial man cave” where Ben Franklin would have felt comfortable getting tipsy.

Granary Tavern [Urban Daddy]

Old-Timey Granary Tavern Soft Opens Today