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Meet ‘The Forest Gump of Hot Sauce’

Gindo's Spice of Life
Gindo’s Spice of Life Photo: Umami Products

We’re a proud city of hot sauce innovators, Los Angeles, don’t let anybody tell you differently. Tapatio? Invented in Maywood. Huy Fong’s Sriracha? Bread and spread in L.A. Due next for the Valhalla of searing heat, The L.A. Times introduces Chris Ginder, a bartender at Takami’s Elevate Lounge who’s fast becoming the “Forest Gump of hot sauce” for his growing presence and acute timing (not for being slow and dressing funny). Ginder is the inventor of “Gindo’s Spice of Life,” a fiery new spread found at The Pikey, Ray’s, Umami Burger, and ink.sack, who is now a general at Umami Products Inc.

The Garden State’s own “Gindo,” as Ginder is known on the streets, created his hotness in an attempt to make the perfect topping for hot wings, producing limited batches of the stuff that cites habanero, red bell peppers, peppercorns, and gourmet sea salts for its flavors.

As he now strives to create a green Jalapeno sauce, he’s getting a big boost from restaurants and chef-fans like Michael Voltaggio, who shouted him out in GQ and prizes the product because, “It’s spicy but not overpowering.” Bottles can be ordered online. [LAT]

Meet ‘The Forest Gump of Hot Sauce’