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A Newly Flush Fresh Brothers Opening in Santa Monica and Brentwood

Fresh Brothers' deep-dish
Fresh Brothers’ deep-dish Photo: Fresh Borthers via Facebook

’Tis the time for opening and expanding in L.A., as Pitfire Pizza’s Paul Hibler encourages anyone with a strong concept in their craw and spare change in their pants. In off the wire, another budding pizza slinger reveals its agenda for the future, as the South Bay-born Fresh Brothers pizza chain announces a large equity investment from Michael Greenberg, president and co-founder of shoe company Skechers, USA Inc., which also traces its origins to Manhattan Beach. So what does that mean for this family-focused empire that serves Midwest-style and deep-dish pizza?

Currently six restaurants strong, Fresh Brothers is now looking forward to the eventual opening of 100 locations, with two currently in development for Santa Monica and Brentwood, to be opened before the end of the year at undisclosed addresses.

The chain plans to benefit not just from Greenberg’s cash infusion, but from his contacts and connections in the world of real-estate as The Bros seek to push into “upper-level income neighborhoods.” Founder Adam Goldberg, one of three actual brothers involved in the business, is eying 39 other locations in SoCal in his plan to double or triple the brand’s growth in two years. In other words, get ready to see a lot more punny pizza humor soaring over L.A.

A Newly Flush Fresh Brothers Opening in Santa Monica and Brentwood