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Forage Kitchen Project Keeps Getting Bigger, Brewpub Added

Last we checked, Forage Kitchen, the new food-community hub and incubator kitchen from ForageSF’s Iso Rabins, was being scoped as a 10,000 square-foot deal, and Rabins was eyeing a space in SoMa. One Kickstarter campaign and $150,000 in seed money later, Rabins is now looking at a 20,000-square-foot space in Dogpatch, and he tells Forbes that this will likely be a “few million dollar project.”

He’s seeking investors to raise that capital, and as discussed before, the space will include a shared-use commercial kitchen, a sit-down café space, offices, a meat-curing room, and a rooftop garden, but now he’s added a brewery and brewpub to the mix as well.

Rabins says it will be a for-profit company, and there will be membership fees for people who either want to use the space to launch businesses, or just attend parties and be a part of the community. He sees it basically as an expansion on the La Cocina model, only allowing room for all types of entrepreneurs, not just immigrants. “I do projects that really excite me and that are good for the broader community,” says Rabins, “but at the same time make a profit.”

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Forage Kitchen Project Keeps Getting Bigger, Brewpub Added