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First Fukushima Fish Sold Since Japanese Nuclear Meltdown

The fish are actually pretty safe.
The fish are actually pretty safe. Photo: FOX

Officials in Japan are cautiously taking the first steps toward allowing fish gleaned from the troubled waters near the Fukushima coast to go to market for the first time since the earthquake-tsunami double whammy wiped out the nuclear facility there last year. The AP says octopus and sea snails that were reeled in near the disaster zone last Friday were boiled, tested, and then cleared for sale this morning.

Levels of radioactive cesium in the octopus and snails were so low that it was nearly undetectable, which served as a green light for the seafood to go up for sale. Crabs could come next, since they too are considered safe, but radiation levels are still too high for flounder, sea bass, and other fish from Fukushima, according to MSNBC.

The small hauls of octopus and snails were enthusiastically gobbled up, as locals and fisherman saw a glimmer of hope that things there could return to business as usual sooner than previously thought. Now, if only we could do something about the deformed fish in Idaho.

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First Fukushima Fish Sold Since Japanese Nuclear Meltdown