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Finally, Philly Gets a Taste of Tiki

Bring on the tiki drinks!
Bring on the tiki drinks! Photo: Married… with dinner

For far too long this town’s gone without a proper tiki fix, and frankly, that’s a crime! We’re guessing it was before The Pub pulled its aloha-flavored fixture from 18th and Walnut way back when Jack Lord was still taking out bad guys on Hawaii Five-O when the last person around here got loopy on luau libations. But with Chauncey Scates taking over as the Big Kahuna behind the bar at Tapestry, it looks like we’re finally going to get a taste of tiki again. The former Franklin Mortgage manager, who learned the fine art of mixology from Toby Maloney, while working with the cocktail guru at the Patterson House in Nashville, Tennessee, just dropped her new cocktail list today.

Corpse Revivers, Daiquiris, Pimms Cups and Suffering Bastards are just some of the classic cocktails she’s put her spin on. You can check out the full list here.

But while her credentials and her first drink list penned for the Queen Village watering hole are both impressive, the real big news here is: She told Grub that she’s doing Tiki Tuesdays in July, where she will pour Polynesian and South Pacific-themed cocktails.

And if you think that’s enough to get your inner-Gidget screaming “ginchy!,” check this out: Stephen Starr’s peeps are getting in on the tiki action too. From June 28 to 30, the Events arm of the Starr fleet is hosting a tiki pop-up on the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s East Terrace. They’re putting out a spread of exotic fare, including a whole roasted pig, Polynesian-style chicken, Molokai sweet potatoes and more. And they’re matching it all with a variety of tiki cocktails.

Finally, Philly Gets a Taste of Tiki