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Empire Prepares to Reign Over Fan Pier

Fan Pier, hot spot.
Fan Pier, hot spot. Photo: Facebook/Fan Pier

The club kings at Big Night Entertainment Group, fresh off the opening of supper-clubby GEM and pan-Asian swankery Red Lantern, will debut Empire at Fan Pier in the coming weeks, a rep tells Grub Street. While GEM is small and gem-like, it seems that Empire will be more of a castle. Imagine a nine-room, 14,000-square-foot enormity with nine dining rooms, three rooms with a private bar, an Asian kitchen, all with seating for 350 of your closest pals!

The menu is still being finalized, but here’s a preview: a pan-fried lobster scallion pancake with coconut and lime crema; stir-fried red jasmine rice with summer squash and zucchini, fried garlic and shallots; a fish & chips roll with tempura cod, malt-vinegar mayonnaise, and Yukon potato crisps; a hamachi tartare roll with avocado, cucumbers, gobo, and spicy yellowtail; and barley miso chicken broiled in aged miso and mirin, served with crispy potatoes tossed in shallot sambal.

The cuisine at Red Lantern and Gem is better than it has to be (after a few potent drinks, it’s hard to quibble), so it’s safe to say that we’re already fans.

Empire Asian Restaurant and Lounge, One Marina Park Dr., Boston, MA, 02210

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Empire Prepares to Reign Over Fan Pier