East Coast Grill’s Pasta From Hell Goes to Carb Heaven

Hell Pasta, often named one of the hottest dishes in the country, will not appear on the East Coast Grill’s Hell Night Menu next week. Per their site: “Some of you may have heard a rumor going around that the Pasta from Hell, once one of the hottest dishes around, will not be making an appearance this hell night. This rumor is unfortunately true. We apologize to all the fans of the Infamous Pasta but due to circumstances beyond our control it has been retired.” Sadness! Why was the scorpion-chile-spiked dish yanked from rotation? Could it have something to do with the fact that an ambulance was called to the restaurant’s last Hell Night, when a diner passed out? The ECG assures fans that all is still pretty spicy, though.

“Just because we don’t have the pasta does not mean that we do not have the hottest dish around or the hottest Chiles in the world. We do and we will be using them in all sorts of ways to delight and torment your souls. We hope you enjoy it,” they write.

And, yes, you do still have to sign a waiver before participating.

Hell Night [ECG]

East Coast Grill’s Pasta From Hell Goes to Carb Heaven