Beer, Bellies: Science Says Pregnant Women Can Get Drunk

Party time!
Party time! Photo: iStockphoto

Oh, those crazy Europeans! A new Danish study published in the journal BJOG suggests that pregnant women who consume “one to eight drinks a week” won’t screw up their kids for life. Furthermore, even women who admitted to binge drinking (defined as nine-plus drinks per week, or five-plus drinks at once) were in the clear. Someone uncork the Champagne!

Per the BBC, researchers “found low to moderate weekly drinking in early pregnancy had no significant effect on neurodevelopment of children at the age of five, and neither did binge drinking.” Also, there were no differences in IQ test results in children whose mothers boozed versus those who didn’t. So maybe preggers Drew Barrymore can actually throw back her namesake wine after all? Bottoms up, moms-to-be!

Moderate Drinking in Early Pregnancy Branded ‘Safe’ [BBC]
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Beer, Bellies: Science Says Pregnant Women Can Get Drunk