Sweet Things

Demitasse Serves Inspired Asian Dessert Menu

Rob Hsu
Rob Hsu Photo: Demitasse

On Saturday, Downtown’s Demistasse will serve four courses of Asian-inspired sweets on a menu pairing the desserts with its own coffee and tea. Chef Rob Hsu will be joined by barista Jack Benchakul for a $32 selection that includes chocolate ravioli filled with pandan leaf custard and a pudding of mango and green papaya aside a Guatemalan coffee-infused “ambrosia cortado” with star thistle honey. The full menu, running from 6:00-10:00 P.M. on June 9, is below to tempt your sweet tooth.

June 9


Thai Basil Spheres atop Olive Oil Ice Cream paired with a cup of Royal Phoenix Yellow Stone Oolong Tea.

Pandan Leaf Custard encased in Chocolate Ravioli Pasta paired with a cup of Red Bourbon coffee from Guatemala.

Mango and Green Papaya Pudding with a Lemon-Chili-Honey drizzle paired with an Ambrosia Cortado using the Guatemalan coffee and Star Thistle Honey.

Warm Oatmeal Cookies with Red Bean Marshmallow Filling and a Pineapple Raisin Sauce paired with a glass of Lemongrass-Infused Dark Chocolate Milk.

Demitasse Serves Inspired Asian Dessert Menu