Couch Dancing

Note to Lounge Lizards: No More Couch-Jumping

Stay seated, fellows.
Stay seated, fellows. Photo: iStockphoto

Here’s one reason to curb your alcohol intake next time you’re out on the town: Willy-nilly couch-jumping could land you in serious trouble. Universal Hub brings the disturbing news from the front lines at Bijou nightclub, where owners had to appear before the Boston Licensing Board to defend the frolickers, who were unswayed by bouncers and proceeded to “gyrate” in the face of authority.

“This time police detectives found only three people upright on couches, although an alleged wiseass jumped up on a couch when police ordered the initial three down, and the club said they were only standing there, unlike an earlier incident involving close to 50 people actively gyrating on the tops of couches,” UH notes.

Times are tough for Bijou’s managers, too: “The manager said he’s so eager to keep people off the tops of couches now that he finds himself going up to tall people to make sure they’re just tall and not parading around on couches.”

So, if you do plan to head to Bijou in the near future, stay off the furniture and, please, don’t wear heels.

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Note to Lounge Lizards: No More Couch-Jumping