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Coi’s New Dessert Tasting Menu, Illustrated
Course 1: A twist on a Baked Alaska with a frozen lime marshmallow.

Pastry chef Matt Tinder has recently been doing supplemental desserts to the standard eleven-course tasting menu at Coi, and during the week he’s offering a stand-alone, six-course dessert tasting that can be ordered on its own for $45, or added on to Daniel Patterson’s regular menu as a supplement. And if that sounds like a lot, you should first know that Patterson’s food is as light and delicate as it gets, and a meal at Coi, while filling, doesn’t leave you feeling too stuffed for dessert. Likewise, Tinder’s dishes are all really airy creations, ephemeral in their scents and tastes, and they disappear in a few bites each. After these extra courses, you won’t feel like a glutton, but you will understand that dessert no longer means just cake and quenelles of sorbet.

Three of the desserts here are part of the regular menu, and on weekends, guests can also request the additional dessert courses for a $10 supplement to the $165 menu.

If you do find yourself at Coi and too tipsy after all the wine pairings on the full menu, we’d recommend trying at least one of the pairings among the dessert courses: a La Tour Vieille ‘Rimage’ from Banyuls, France, that is the perfect blue-fruit complement to the blueberry course.

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Coi’s New Dessert Tasting Menu, Illustrated