What You Missed at Clio’s 15th Anniversary Bash
Ken Oringer feels 15 all over again!

Boston chef Ken Oringer celebrated the 15th birthday of his wildly successful, newly remodeled restaurant Clio with a slew of friends, many of whom passed through his kitchen at one time or another and went on to culinary greatness. Far-flung pals like Alex Stupak (New York’s Empellon) and David Varley (San Francisco’s Mina Group) joined forces with locals like Ming Tsai and Tony Maws for an epic 15-course meal served to 90 lucky guests. You know how it is: Some people go out for beers on their birthday, others whip up foie gras sandwiches and sorrel ice cream. To our knowledge, nobody sang happy birthday, though Momofuku’s Sam Gelman did make an “Ode to the Cassoulet.”

Caviar “Bon Bons” - (Ken Oringer / Douglas Rodrigues, Clio)
White Orchid Root, Allium Blossom, Black Cocoa

Sorrel Ice Cream - (Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, Ideas in Food)
Wild Char Roe, Kasu Curd, Rhubarb Glass

Chilled Yellow Tomato and Watermelon Gazpacho - (Todd MacDonald, Villa Pacri, NY, NY)
Spicy Dungeness Crab, Avocado

Craigie Plankton Conchiglio Pasta - (Tony Maws, Craigie on Main, Cambridge, MA)
Sea Urchin, Guanciale

Ruby Red Shrimp - (Alex Stupak, Empellon, Empellon Cocina, NY, NY)
Crispy Masa, Sea Urchin Mousse, Lettuces

“Ode to the Cassolette” - (Sam Gelman, Momofuko, Toronto, CAN)
King Crab, Kalamansi, Chili

Abalone Sunomono - (Chris Chung, AKA Bistro, Lincoln, MA)
Hon Shimeji, Pickled Ramps, Freeze Dried Shiitake, Sukiyaki Gelee, Tosa Bonito Powder

Salsify and Laitue De Mer Porridge - (John Paul Carmona, Formerly of Manresa, Los Gatos, CA)
Chicken Jus, Brown Butter, Crispy Farro

Hearts of Palm - (Phillip Kirshen Clark, Demi Monde, NY, NY)
Artichokes, White Anchovy, Bottarga-Preserved Lemon and Pecorino Vinaigrette, Sweet Cicely

Island Creek Oyster Stew - (John Critchley, Urbana, Washington D.C.)
Black Roux, Coconut, Kumquat Kosho

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Torchon “Sandwich” - (David Varley, Mina Group, San Francisco, CA)
Strawberries, Chartreuse, Wild Herbs, “Inspired by Clio 2001”

Black Sea Bass - (Jason Hua, The Dutch, NY, NY)
Crispy Rice, Nameko Mushrooms

Veal Breast and Sweetbread Parmentier - (Andres Grundy, A. Juli & Ebru Restaurant Consultant, NY, NY)
Braised Fava Beans, Nasturtium

Mango Sticky Rice 2.0 - (Inspired by Rick Billings, José Andrés Think Group, Chris Cordeiro, Clio)

Bomba Di Ciliegia - (Renae Herzog, Marea, NYC)
Malt Crema, Poached Cherries, Birch Amaro Gelato

What You Missed at Clio’s 15th Anniversary Bash