Chris Cosentino: Kohlrabi Is the Offal of Vegetables

San Francisco-based Offal King Chris Cosentino arrives in Boston tomorrow to promote his new cookbook, Beginnings: My Way To Start a Meal. He’ll be at Williams Sonoma at Copley Place for a demo beginning at 5 p.m. We caught up with him in New York (where he’s supped at Pok Pok and Boulud Sud) to discuss his love for vegetables, which take center stage in his new tome.

“Kohlrabi is the offal of vegetables because it’s kind of pushed to the side. Is it a root? Is it not a root? What do I do with it? A lot of people get weirded out. It’s purple, it’s green. They’re not used to it,” he tells Grub Street. Cosentino also considers the humble onion “beautiful” and “underused.” Of course, he also has harsh words for the California foie gras ban: “It’s unfortunate, it’s childlike, and it’s pretty petty,” to be specific.

He’ll probably have his share of foie and other meaty delights while in town, though, since he says that meatman Jamie Bissonnette will be his culinary guide.

Check him out tomorrow!

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Chris Cosentino: Kohlrabi Is the Offal of Vegetables