Bon Vivant Market and Cafe Soft-Opens Today in Atwater

Bon Vivant's French onion soup
Bon Vivant’s French onion soup Photo: Bon Vivant Market & Cafe

Bon Vivant Market & Cafe soft-opens today in Atwater Village at 11:00 A.M. fulfilling multiple neighborhood needs through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with prepared foods and a full bar. The project comes from Tricia Belle, owner of Boardner’s, who in February told us the kitchen here would be run by “Bloody” Bill Annesely, the British chef and New Orleans vet who popped up in West Hollywood before a short stint at Boardner’s last winter, talk confirmed by Atwater Village Now, but not yet by Belle herself.

Foods on offer in the market include salads, soups, crepes, waffles, paninis that get stuffed at a carving station, cous cous, housemade granola, and roasts, along with pre-packed gourmet goodies (Oliana olive oil, L’Olivier dressing) freshly baked breads, pastries, coffee, and a cheese and charcuterie station. The venue also has a full bar, with sixteen wines on tap and a menu designed by Tixa wine cellars, as well as cocktails,cognacs, and bubbly, with communal tables and cafe seating. Check out the store’s Facebook page for some pretty pictures of its French-slanted fare.

Bon Vivant Market & Cafe, 3155 N. Glendale Blvd. Atwater Village. 323-284-0813.

Bon Vivant Market and Cafe Soft-Opens Today in Atwater