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Bobby Flay: Bringin’ Burgers to the Burbs

Burbs-bound. Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

We wager that the townsfolk of Burlington, the land that we predicted would soon become a culinary mecca, will flip for this news: Bobby Flay is bringing a Burger Palace to the Burlington Mall. Yup, even though there’s a Five Guys just a block away. It’s time to crunchify, people!

Per the Herald, the 72-seat restaurant will be located inside the Burlington Mall, home to such culinary destinations as the Cheesecake Factory and the Rainforest Cafe. On the menu: burgers (which can be crunchified with potato chips on top…ain’t no shame in it), fries, and onion rings.

The move was carefully considered by Flay’s team, who love the “mix” of people living and working in town, and the story notes that many consider Burlington to be the “capital of the Route 128 corridor,” which sounds like a dream worth striving for. We’re sure traffic will get even better once Wegman’s comes to town, too!

Look for Flay to touch down this fall.

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Bobby Flay: Bringin’ Burgers to the Burbs