Blue Closed in the Castro Now, Too [Updated]

Photo: Yelp

We’re getting a report via a tipster that Blue (2337 Market Street) in the Castro was closed as of last night, the menu removed from beside the door and windows all papered over. [Update: The for-lease signs went up on Saturday, so it’s official.] You may recall that the restaurant mysteriously, temporarily closed for several days this past winter without explanation, due to what appeared to be some kind of sewer or plumbing issue. Owner Matt Tognazzini (who also owns Velvet Cantina), who bought the business from Greg Bronstein in 2006, could not be located for comment, but it’s notable that two nearby Bronstein businesses recently shut down or are in the process of shuttering: Lime and Trigger (Trigger has been opening each night since last Thursday, however the liquor license is soon to be transferred). This brings the total number of restaurant properties in the neighborhood that are closed or in play to eight.

First, there’s Luna (558 Castro), which shuttered in January. Then there’s Gingerfruit, i.e. the former Mecca space, which has appeared to have some construction activity recently but remains closed and we’re not clear what’s happening there. Then there’s Home (Market & Church), which closed in November and remains for sale. And then we have Lime (becoming Hi Tops this fall); Trigger; the dormant-for-a-decade Patio; the former Criolla Kitchen which is becoming SliderBar Cafe; and now Blue.

There’s no answer at the restaurant’s number and no outgoing message — much like when they closed in January. We’ll update you if we hear anything more, but it looks like some more real estate is opening up.

Blue Closed in the Castro Now, Too [Updated]