Bleeding Heart Bakery Opens Belmont Location, Fires Shots at Partners

Photo: courtesy Bleeding Heart Bakery

At first we wondered if it was just an unfortunate choice of words, the way Vinny and Michelle Garcia’s Bleeding Heart Bakery newsletter described the opening of their latest location on Belmont:

With the opening of the Belmont store, we are returning to our roots [emphasis added] by letting the food and seasons speak to us.

Roots Handmade Pizza is of course the name of the pizza place owned by their apparently estranged partners, Greg Mohr and Scott Weiner, who operate the West Town Bleeding Heart Bakery which was, for a brief time, meant to be the central bakery for the whole chain. But then subtlety is thrown to the wind:

We are the sole location to truly get a Bleeding Heart cake, made the way we make everything, local, organic and delicious. Don’t be fooled by impostors…know your food, know your baker!

“Impostors” is the way you refer to your “partners” if you want your next phone call to be to your “lawyers,” we suspect. In any case, it certainly appears that the break between the would-be systematized and corporatized West Town location and the Garcias is not only irrevocable but likely to get messier before it’s over.

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Bleeding Heart Bakery Opens Belmont Location, Fires Shots at Partners