Let The Eat Foie

Beer Belly Presents ‘Gone, But Not Foiegotten,’ June 30 in KTown

Beer Belly will also feature
Beer Belly will also feature “The Protestor,” its foie eggs benedict with duck confit and foie hollandaise, through June Photo: Beer Belly

We’re guilty of making a few questionable foie gras puns over the last few weeks, but Beer Belly chef Wes Lieberher is like the William Sydney Porter of the groan-inducing genre. As we mentioned on Monday, the Koreatown chef is planning an 11th hour menu of original foie gras dishes to be available on June 30, the final day to gorge on the fatty liver before its day of reckoning. Oh yeah, and he’s calling it “Gone, But Not Foiegotten.” Guffaw! (sorry, we mean, guffoie!).

Not only that, but his wild menu of five foie-based dishes have lengthy titles gutted with foie gras puns, as in a Philly cheese steak with foie Cheez Whiz that attributes its long-winded name to one “Benjamin Foieklin,” or a direct and to-the-point, “Foie-Q You!,” which is the name for seared foie gras slider with spicy apple beer mustard, of course.

Anyway, we’re pretty confidant you get the idea by now, so take a look below at Beer Belly’s June 30 foie gras feast menu and if you’re interested, drop by the restaurant to say your goodbyes next Saturday.


“Protester Fries”:
Foie Gras Hollandaise w/ Spicy Truffle Ketchup

“Duck! What the FOIE are you doing here with Orzo!?”:
Orzo Macaroni & Foie and Beer Cheese. House-made Duck Bacon.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain and most fools do”- Benjamin FOIEklin:
Philly Cheesesteak w/ Foie Gras Cheese Whiz wit onions

Seared Foie Gras Sliders. Quail Egg. Pickled Shallots. House-made spicy apple beer mustard.

“Deep Fried FoieGoreos”:
Oreos. Foie Gras Icing. Strawberry Purée. Nutella

Beer Belly Presents ‘Gone, But Not Foiegotten,’ June 30 in KTown