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Nine Top Bay Area Chefs Join Forces for Biggest Benefit Dinner of the Season

Quince. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

The nine chef/owners of the Bay Area’s nine Chronicle four-star restaurants are coming together on July 29 for a pretty major (and majorly pricey) event dinner at Quince. Capping off the summer’s series of SF Chefs’ “Dinner Party Project” dinners, and kicking off the week of the actual SF Chefs fest, will be this Four Star Dinner at Quince in which each chef will present a course in a nine-course meal. It marks the first time we’re aware of that chefs Daniel Patterson, Christopher Kostow, David Kinch, and Alice Waters will have all held hands and cooked a meal together.

Quince is, of course, the restaurant most recently given four stars by Michael Bauer, and chef Michael Tusk, being the most recently crowned member of this elite club, will play host for the evening. Proceeds will go to benefit the San Francisco and Marin food banks.

And we say chef/owners because, of course, as many are quick to point out whenever she is called a chef on the internet, Ms. Waters is not the chef of record at Chez Panisse — right now that would be the co-chef team of Jerome Waag and Cal Peternell. Nevertheless, she cooks a mean egg.

And she’s a celebrity! So are, at least in local food circles, these other eight names, and we don’t doubt that despite the hefty price tag — $1,500 per person, $2,000 per couple — the seats will fill up just to witness this meeting of the minds, give to a good cause, and take in the glory of it all. Make reservations via email at or by phone at 415-775-8500 x 31. Update: Oops. Already sold out.

Don’t forget that the Dinner Party Project continues this week with a big reunion event for Chez Panisse alum and celebrity in his own right Jeremiah Tower and former staffers at Stars at Epic Roasthouse.

The current four-star chefs, according to Michael Bauer, who will be cooking this July 29 dinner are as follows:

• Douglas Keane, Cyrus
• Thomas Keller, The French Laundry
• David Kinch, Manresa
• Christopher Kostow, The Restaurant at Meadowood
• Corey Lee, Benu
• Roland Passot, La Folie
• Daniel Patterson, Coi
• Michael Tusk, Quince
• Alice Waters, Chez Panisse

Nine Top Bay Area Chefs Join Forces for Biggest Benefit Dinner of the Season