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Bauer Awards Local’s Corner With Three Stars

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Michael Bauer awarded a much coveted three stars to the new, tiny Mission eatery, Local’s Corner, over the weekend, which will likely take the joint from “under the radar” to local hot spot. Bauer muses that the restaurant’s tiny, limited kitchen, which is equipped with only a small self-vented convection oven, two induction burners and a circulator, is what makes the dishes so outstandingly creative.

The menu is seafood-based featuring oysters ($2.50-$3.50 each) and raw or lightly cooked fish, which are currently accompanied by peas, fava beans and wild mushrooms. Here’s what Bauer had to say about the king salmon:

The circulator bath is the cooking method for the king salmon ($24), and it results in an almost spreadable texture. On the night I had it, the salmon was served in a shallow bowl and propped up on squash cooked three ways - caramelized, whirled into an airy puree and made into crisp chips - flavored with vadouvan spices, accompanied by whole-grain mustard and delicate leaves of mustard greens. It was a beautifully conceived and executed dish.

Bauer also notes that Local’s Corner’s brunch is equally creative, consisting of a fixed-price two-course menu for $18, which includes thick slices of toasted seed bread with butter and house-made preserves:

Diners can choose between granola with berries, an excellent chilled carrot soup or a cheese plate. That’s followed by either Belgian waffles; an open-faced brioche with arugula pesto, egg and gouda cheese; or chicken hash with a poached egg, onion puree, broccoli and mushrooms.

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