Check Out AQ’s Summer Menu, and Makeover
The summer look is all green and twinkly.

This week marked the summer solstice and thus it also marked the seasonal switchover at AQ. Since the restaurant is still in its first year, we’re still curious to see what each season’s decor looks like — including new lighting, new bar tops and chef’s counter tops, and new decorative branches and greenery. The summer look includes some cool, sand-filled vitrines embedded in the bar top with things like seashells and flip-flops in them, as well as some string-lights hanging around the room that lend the feel of an outdoor patio in a warmer town. Also, below, we’ve got the refreshed season’s menu from chef Mark Liberman.

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AQ - 1085 Mission Street, between 6th and 7th - 415-341-9000

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Check Out AQ’s Summer Menu, and Makeover