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Alla Spina Now Does Brunch

Alla Spina
Alla Spina Photo: Collin Keefe

Marc Vetri’s Alla Spina will begin serving brunch this Sunday, and every Sunday after that from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. As you can probably guess, the bill of fare mirrors the myriad of porky pleasures the gastropub offers daily on its a la carte menu. There’s a testina hash poutine, that’s loaded with pig head, french fries, mozzarella curd and sunny-side up eggs; a gnocchi dish with calabrese pork belly and asiago cheese; and polentu with boneless pork ribs, cheesy parmigiano polenta and fried eggs. Non-porcine plates include a frittata of lamb belly, pecorino, fava beans and mint; salmon and biscuits with herbed biscuits, wild Alaskan salmon, peas and spring onion; and lemon poppy seed pancakes with strawberry maple syrup and basil butter. Keep reading to peep the full menu.

Check out Alla Spina’s new brunch menu by clicking here.

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Alla Spina Now Does Brunch